Rep Field Lacrosse FAQ's


1. How often will my child play?

  - Expect 1 practice per week and Field practices are typically on Friday's at the UofG.

- Games are played every weekend at different locations in Southern Ontario. Each team will play 2 games every week with U9's playing 3.

2. When is the Field Rep. Season completed?

 - Field lacrosse typically starts in February with Try-outs and practices start in March. Games typically start the second week in April and end the May Long weekend with Provincials.

3. Is there any travelling for games?

- Yes, games can be played anywhere in southern Ontario and the schedule is typically out a few weeks before the games start.

4. When are try-outs

- Try outs are typically in February and the try out schedule will be posted on our website. Each player is guaranteed 3 try-outs, all players wanting to try out for the rep team must start at the team 1 try outs. If there is more than one team in that division a coach can release a player after 2 try outs and the players 3rd try out will be with the second team.

5. What happens if my child cannot make a try-out?

- All players must attend a minimum of 2 try outs to be considered for a team. If your child cannot make 2 try-out's and require an exemption parent/guardian must email the coach and the VP of Rep Field lacrosse in advance explaining the reason why your child cannot attend the try-outs.

6. Are walk on's allowed for Try-outs?

- No, any player wishing to try out for a Rep. team must be registered in advance which can be found on our website.

7.  My son/daughter is bigger/smaller than most kids at his/her age – is there an ability to move him/her up or down a division?

- No as per Ontario Lacrosse Rules all players must play in their appropriate age division.

8. What equipment is required?

 - Standard lacrosse equipment is required which can be found on our website and a mouth guard is mandatory.

9. Does my child receive playing shorts?

- Yes, all Rep field players will receive a pair of shorts each for game play.