Rep Box FAQ's


1. How often will my child play?

  - Expect 2-3 Floor times during week that will consist of games and practices and 1-3 tournaments which are played on the weekends.

2. Is there any additional costs to playing rep?

 - Once your child is selected to a rep team there will be an additional rep fee and team fee to be paid. Team managers will send out all that information once teams are made.

3. Will my child play on the weekend?

- Yes, tournaments are on the weekend and each team will be in 1-3 tournaments depending on the team.

4. When is the Rep. Season completed?

 - Rep Lacrosse season is done after provincials and provincials are typically held in the first 2 weeks in August. Each team is guaranteed 3 games and they will be played over 2 days.  If Teams are successful and move on to the semi's and finals those games will be played on a 3rd day.

5. Is there any travelling for games?

- Yes games during the week will be played within our zone (zone 8 lacrosse) and they will be played either at home in Guelph or away at a zone 8 team Arena.

6. What is Zone 8?

- Zone 8 is the Lacrosse zone Guelph is a part of. You can find all the teams that are part of zone 8 on their website

7. When are try-outs

- Try outs are typically the first 2 weeks in April and the try out schedule will be posted on our website. Each player is guaranteed 3 try-outs, all players wanting to try out for the rep team must start at the team 1 try outs. If there is more than one team in that division a coach can release a player after 2 try outs and the players 3rd try out will be with the second team.

8. What happens if my child cannot make a try-out?

- All players must attend a minimum of 2 try outs to be considered for a team. If your child cannot make 2 try-out's and require an exemption parent/guardian must email the coach and the VP of Rep box Lacrosse in advance explaining the reason why your child cannot attend the try-outs.

9. Are walk on's allowed for Try-outs?

- No, any player wishing to try out for a Rep team must be registered in advance which can be found on our website.

10.  My son/daughter is bigger/smaller than most kids at his/her age – is there an ability to move him/her up or down a division?

- No as per Ontario Lacrosse Rules all players must play in their appropriate age division.

11. What equipment is required?

 - Standard lacrosse equipment is required which can be found on our website and a mouth guard is mandatory.

12. Does my child receive playing shorts?

- Yes, all Rep players will receive a pair of shorts each and a dry fit Regals T-shirt to wear to games.